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What does this site and writing mean to you? Writing is strictly my hobby. Years ago, I debated whether to choose creative writing as a career but opted for physics instead. Still, my imagination is quite restless, and without an outlet, I think I would go insane. This site culminates the ambition to get my work out into the public, and it serves as a place where other artists can find a home.

What the hell happened to XT? Long story incredibly short: I took it down. Well, it can still be accessed via http://xt.cfxt.com; however, the XT era is over. That story was inspired by the events of 9-11 and fueled by my high school experiences. It doesn't fit with my creative vision today.

Why did you start writing MC? Once upon a time, Julie was working on a book based upon the Trigger-Defy-Harmony complex from the original Cold Fusion. This book was called Cartheim's Cross and was planned to be a six book set. The first three books would follow Trigger's story, while the second three would tell Wing's tale. The project was never completed and the idea got put on the backburner. Some time later, Julie fell in love with Twilight and I was mildly disturbed. I told her that I could write a better story - one made just for her. So I grabbed the CC pot, decided to pick up at the beginning of the Wing+Luky arc, and wrote the five pages that became MC Episode 1. What I did not expect was the reaction. The day I posted Ep 1, I received a slew of comments asking me if I planned to continue the series.

Are you the real Wing McCallister? I get asked this one a lot. The answer is a lot of yes and a little of no. Wing's personality is certainly based upon my own and his relationship with Luky absolutely reflects my relationship with Julie. However, to dump the author's personality into only one character is a little misguided. There is a piece of me in all of the characters I use, even the ones modeled after real people.

Who publishes MC? I do. I have been approached by a few companies with offers for MC, but I enjoy what my site does. My material can be downloaded free of charge, and I'd like to keep it that way. It's certainly not a good way to make money, but a good reputation is worth a hell of a lot more.

What is your favorite writing related moment? There are three that I can think of that are worth mentioning. The first is related to Julie's happiness when I read her favorite scene to her. The second would be when I was asked to present the self-publication process at my old high school. And the third would be the recent acquisition of the Buzzillions' Reviewers' Choice Finalist Award. It is amazing to me that the book accomplished what it did, and got the fans it got, without the money and without the big backers. I have the best fans in the world and I consider them my friends.

Continuing Creativity Scholarship
All too often, once students move onto college, the stresses of class and the thoughts of a career drive people away from their creative ambitions. As higher education should push the boundaries of an individual's imagination and thinking, I find it important that I contribute to the dreams of artists around the world. It all started back in 2005 when Raven needed a digital camera to pursue her photographing passion, and now that I am in a better position to support people when I can, I will turn random acts of kindness into a proud tradition.
2005 - Raven's Camera
2009 - Miya's Yearly dA Subscription 2010 - RadenWA